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HB Pier closed; virus cases up to 125

THE CORONAVIRUS (officially known as COVID-19) is causing the cancellation or postponement of many events across the nation, and is sending the stock market reeling (Shutterstock).

UPDATE: On Tuesday, the City of Huntington Beach announced it would close all city-operated beach parking lots, effective on Wednesday (March 25). While parking lots for state-operated beaches such as Bolsa Chica and Huntington State are not yet closed, that move could be coming in the next few days.


Huntington Beach’s iconic pier will be closed indefinitely, starting on Tuesday.

The decision was prompted by a failure by some people to maintain safe social distancing, according to city officials.

The closure not only applies to the city’s pier, but also to playground equipment in parks, picnic areas, sports fields and courts and the dog park located within Central Park.

Police are beginning to move from educational action to enforcement against those who violate the governor’s order to stay-at-home. That enforcement will be aimed at businesses that remain open in defiance of the order to close all non-essential commercial operations.

Coronavirus cases up to 125

The number of coronavirus cases identified in Orange County rose to 125 people by Monday (today), according to the Health Care Agency. That’s up from 95 as reported for Sunday.

More men than women (73 to 52) have be diagnosed with the virus, and the age group with the largest number of cases is those persons ages 18-49 with 72. Only one case has been reported for those under 18, and 19 for those 65 and over, believed to be the most vulnerable age group.



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