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Longer count for recall election

THE WESTMINSTER City Council recall election will see ballots counted through April 10 (Shutterstock).

If you’re one of the people waiting anxiously for the outcome of the Westminster recall election, you will have a little bit more time to wait after the close of voting on April 7.

According to the Orange County Registrar of Voters, although most balloting is by mail, the total count won’t be available for a while. Mail-in ballots that are postmarked by that date will be tallied provided they arrive by April 10.

For this election, all voting is by mail or by dropping off completed ballots at one of three locations as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis.

So far, 12,257 mail-in ballots have been received, which amounts to over 26 percent of the 46,634 registered voters in Westminster.

Registered Democrats have returned 3,572 ballots and Republicans 5,202. “No preference” voters have returned 2,717. The remainder are from small parties such as American Independent, Green, and Peace and Freedom.

Totals will be posted daily at ocvote.com, either at 6 p.m. or early the next morning, according to the Registrar.

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