Garden Grove

Crowd lined up for masks at park

MASKS and food were handed out free at an event Saturday in Garden Grove Park (Orange County Tribune photos).

A large crowd thronged Garden Grove Park on Saturday and the hundreds of vehicles lined up for motorists to get face masks and food at a give-away event spilled over onto Westminster Avenue.

The event was organized by the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, headed by Garden Grove City Councilmember Phat Bui.

MASKED worker hands free items to motorist in event Saturday at Garden Grove Park.

Through windows attendees were handed out the masks to cover noses and mouths as part of the battle against the spread of the coronavirus, as well as some food items including grape concentrate and noodles.

Volunteers split the stream of cars coming down Deodara Drive into two columns heading west through a parking area in the southern part of Garden Grove’s largest recreational facility.

A large staff of orange vest-wearing workers hurried the motorists through the two columns and back out along Atlantis Way but the turnout nevertheless clogged Westminster Avenue for a time.

Because of social distancing, persons in automobiles were allowed to receive the items being given away, but not pedestrians or bicyclists.


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  1. Masks. Made in China? No, thank you. I’ll use a bandana, I00% American cotton. Tried and true. Cowboy way. China iz a.hoe.

  2. The masks are made in USA, here in Orange County.
    With County are now urging all to wear masks. Masks are completely depleted. Even GG Hkspital are almost running out of the N95 Masks .

  3. To: Phat Bui
    Do you have any documents to prove that those masks are made in USA ?.

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