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3.2 million file for jobless benefits

3.2 MILLION more people filed for unemployment benefits this week, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (Shutterstock).

Filings for unemployment benefits for the week ending May 2 dropped from the total of the week before, but still came in at 3.2 million people, the U.S. Department of Labor announced on Thursday. That’s down from 3.8 million people the previous week.

The total number of Americans filing for unemployment over the last seven weeks is over 33 million, according to United Press International.

UPI also reports that if furloughed people were counted – those temporarily out of work, but expected to return to their jobs in the near future – the unemployment rate would reach 22 percent, not far from the 25 percent figure from the depths of the Great Depression in the 1930.

The newly computed national unemployment rate will be announced on Friday. Any improvements in the job market because of the reopening of some businesses in certain states will not be reflected in the new rate.

Case again Flynn to be dropped, says DOJ

The criminal case against Michael Flynn, a former natural security adviser for President Donald Trump, is being dropped by the U.S. Justice Department.


According to the Associated Press, Flynn twice confessed to the charges of lying to the FBI during its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

In a statement released Thursday, the Department said that the FBI’s interview with Flynn was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

On Sunday, Trump said he was “strongly considering a full pardon” for Flynn, who in 2017 pleaded guilty to lying about his talks with the Russian ambassador. He later cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Coronavirus update for May 7

The number of deaths in the U.S. from the COVID-19 is now 73,792, the highest in the world. A total of 1,237,347cases have been reported in the United States.

Worldwide, 3.79 million confirmed cases have been tallied, with 263,669 deaths. Total recoveries across the planet are counted as 1,195,828 people, according to Reuters, Johns Hopkins University and other sources.

Weather:  Cooling trend still continuing

High temperatures in Orange County continue to slide as summer-like weather feels more like spring, according to the National Weather Service. Today’s midday high of 84 will drop to 80 on Friday and 78 on Saturday. The weather will be getting cooler each day and there is even a chance of rain next Tuesday.






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