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More Westminster, HB protests

PROTESTERS rallied in front of Westminster City Hall to hear speeches and speak against police brutality (Photos by Jerry Howard/Special to the OC Tribune).

The weekend brought another series of protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.

In the West Orange County area, large demonstrations against police brutality took place in Westminster and Huntington Beach on Saturday.

POLICE stand between protesters and counter-protesters in downtown Huntington Beach on Saturday.

An estimated three to four hundred people turned out Saturday afternoon in Huntington Beach’s downtown to protest police brutality. The demonstrators were met by a smaller group of counter-protestors at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway.  A line of police officers stood between the two groups.

Unlike an earlier demonstration, this event was not declared an unlawful assembly.

In Westminster, the crowd was larger than the one down the coast.  About 500 people left Westminster Park (at Magnolia Street and Hazard Avenue), proceeded along Westminster Boulevard and rallied at City Hall to listen to speeches.

Both events were non-violent with few arrests and police presence was reduced from earlier protests.

Demonstrations, many much larger, are continuing all across the United States, including a rally in Washington, D.C. that drew an estimated 6,000 people.



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  1. I was one of the few arrests for sitting on the lifeguard tower 2 , because last yr. I was surfing my leash broke there was swell so swimming in I got a side cramp and was about 100 feet from the sand waved for the lifeguards never came I got to the they show up. And I am mad so I’m yelling at the 20yr old lifegaurd and the cops are there and tell me if I don’t leave the beach now and main St. I will go to jail for felony distracting the lifeguards.So the lifeguards didn’t tell me to get off the tower one actually said we should go skateboarding but the copter chopper saw me they sent. A drone to keep an eye on then they switched to a lifeguard truck (police drive SUV on beach alot) then before I could get off the tower was cuffed and detained for 8 hrs in my wetsuit they gave a ticket for being on the tower and distracting the lifeguards a misdemeanor not a felony that’s one reason I protested police was abuse of power and past beating from hbpd back in the day.long story short the popo (Police)do what they want and fine us when we mess up.
    Northside HB Pier

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