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Lindsay keeps his commission post

JOSHUA LINDSAY speaks with one of his critics at Tuesday night’s Garden Grove City Council meeting (OC Tribune photo).

The biggest story from Tuesday night’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council is what didn’t happen.

Joshua Lindsay, a controversial figure for his comments on the protests over the death of George Floyd, isn’t going to lose his seat on the city planning commission.

A half-dozen speakers addressed the council demanding his resignation or removal from office, but none of the council members were prepared to go that far.

Lindsay became the subject of a storm of criticism after he self-narrated a live-stream smart phone broadcast of the hundreds of people marching through Garden Grove protesting police brutality on June 3.

Standing out among his remarks was one that appeared to satirize what Floyd gasped as a white policeman kneeled on his neck: ‘”I can’t breathe.” The marchers chanted that phrase and Lindsay said, “Maybe if they’re having trouble breathing, they should sit down.”

Amanda Nguyen, one of the speakers Tuesday night urging Lindsay’s removal, said, “He was mocking the man’s last words” she said. “He mocked the protestors. They were there to fight racism.”

When the furor arose, Lindsay posted an apology online, but his critics were not persuaded. “He’s not fit to represent the people of Garden Grove,” said Ariana Arestegui.

Lindsay sat quietly during the series of calls for his removal from his post. Finally, he got up and spoke.

“I’ve listened to the public,” he said, referring also to the criticisms that were posted on Facebook and other social media. “They cut like a knife. I could step down right now, but there are still so many things I want to do for the community.”

He vowed to change his behavior and his attitudes and the council went along with his contrition.

Councilmember Kim Nguyen (District 6) addressed what she called “the elephant in the room.” She noted that the city had received a petition of nearly 6,000 people demanding Lindsay’s ouster, but decided that the city should practice some forgiveness. “I want to extend that compassion to Josh Lindsay.”

Mayor Steve Jones pointed out that all commission appointments will end after the election in November. He admonished Lindsay that “there’s five months until commission terms expire” and urged him during that time to be “the poster child” of respectful conduct and diversity.



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  1. Protesting. Been there, done that. 60s. But seriously, trying to lynch this commissioner for silly, flippant, in the moment comments? Delicate flowers aren’t we? Geez, you guys.

    I’d like to see protesters denounce the I7 murders as a result of one death and the complete destruction of hoods nationwide which is why our much smaller city was on defense. All of Main Street was boarded up. After 2 months of lock down and no income! To stay safe from harm. Looters were deterred. But guess what? Looter wannabes came in to our neighborhoods, crow bars in hand and broke into work vehicles and stole working men equipment. Yeah. Fight the power. Steal and take from others. Like George.

    As for George Floyd. He and the cop knew each other from working at the El Rodeo Nuevo night club. They were at odds. They did not like each other. GF was on the same stuff as Zachary “El Rocky” Castaneda was on when he killed 4 people and permanently disfigured 2 others last August with his Rock’em Sock’em robot slashing knives moves, in GG and SA. The two younger, newer Minn. cops couldn’t get GF in the patrol car. He resisted arrest with meth strength. Try it protestors, try making someone on meth do what they don’t want to do. El Rodeo in Los Angeles was shut down for laundering and counterfeiting few years ago. George had a counterfeit 20. Where did that counterfeit bill come from, you might ask. The exploitation of this, is surreal. Meanwhile, hoods with 20 murders in one weekend are ignored. Chicago had the deadliest weekend over this last weekend. Crickets.

    Due diligence, please. Critical thinking needs to be taught in schools.

  2. A week later … the irony of people allowed to protest via freedom of speech and then they turn around and 6K petition mob and chastise someone for using their First Amendment right to opine and speak with that same freedom. We are in topsy turvy world. Me, not you, world. Only me berrrrrrrinches. SMH. 🙊😂

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