Pot, building density on agenda

THE STANTON CIVIC CENTER complex (OC Tribune photo).

The Stanton City Council will on Tuesday take up final approval of a measure to clear the way for potential commercial cannabis businesses, as well as an increase in the density and height of residential properties in one area of the city.

Ordinance 1100, introduced for first reading on June 9, consists of adding regulations and zoning standards for enterprises to cultivate, process and sell marijuana and marijuana-based products.

The sale of “pot” is not yet legal in Stanton, but this and other measures will precede approval and attract business which could – according to a consultant – bring in  $1 million or more in tax revenue.

Also on the agenda is second reading and approval of Ordinance 1101 amending the municipal code to increase the density rate for residential construction to 80 dwelling units per acre and the maximum height of buildings in the “South Gateway” mixed use zone. That is the southern part of Beach Boulevard between Garden Grove Boulevard and Catherine Avenue.

The council will meet telephonically at 6:30 p.m.


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