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Voting by mail is raising issues

MOST VOTING in the U.S. this fall will be done by mail, although in-person or “drop box” voting is also an option voting (Shutterstock),

Voting by mail this fall will be close to universal, but there could be some bumps along the road to an election decision.

The United States Postal Service is warning many states that some of the ballots sent via mail may not arrive in time to be counted. The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy – a prominent donor to the campaigns of President Donald Trump – said that his intent was not to suppress voting but to encourage states and voters to cast and collect ballots earlier, according to the Associated Press.

He said that the USPS is “asking elected officials and voters to realistically consider how the mail works, and be mindful of our delivery standards, in order to provide voters ample time to cast ballots through the mail.”

The coronavirus epidemic has accelerated the trend toward voting by mail and Mr. Trump has expressed the opinion – so far unproven – that mail voting leads to widespread election fraud. He’s also said that voting by mail gives a decided advantage to Democrats.

“This is a deeply troubling development in what is becoming a clear pattern of attempted voter suppression by the Trump administration,” said Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat.

Heat wave is hitting the West

The National Weather Service is warning that “dangerously hot conditions will occur during the afternoon and early evening hours each day” in the western United States this weekend. Temperatures in some places could rise as much as 30 degrees above average.

The result could be both an increased wildfire danger and the threat of a greater spread of the coronavirus as people gather at beaches and other cooler areas. Palmdale in the High Desert, for example is, predicted to hit 109 degrees on Saturday and 105 on Sunday, staying as warm as 102 through next Friday. Los Angeles will be comparatively frosty, with a high of 97 on Sunday and 94 on Sunday.

LOCAL WEATHER: Things are cooling slightly but staying warm. According to the National Weather Service, the forecast for West Orange County on Saturday is sunny with a high of 87 with light winds in the afternoon. The night will be clear with a low of 68.  Sunday looks similar with the night being slightly cooler with a low of 64. Monday’s high will be about 84 with a low of 66.

Sports: Dodgers beat Angels at Big A

Pro games involving local teams Friday (today). Results as they become available.

  • Dodgers 7, Angels 4. Cody Bellinger homered twice and Clayton Kershaw pitched 7 innings of one-hit ball in Anaheim to go to 14-7. Angels are 7-13. Anthony Rendon homered for the Halos.
  • Los Angeles Clippers 107, Oklahoma City Thunder 103: Terance Mann scored 25 points off the bench to lead the Clips to a win in the final game of the shortened regular season. Four starters were held out of the game. LA finished 49-23, with the Thunder at 44-28.

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