Pizza, politicos and pull ups

NEW PIZZA will land (softly) at SteelCraft/Garden Grove on Thursday (Shutterstock).

If you’re at all like the vast staff of The Tribune, you like a good pizza. In fact, some of us will settle for a mediocre pizza. But there’s a promising entry in the race for really good stuff coming out very soon.

Merenda Pizza will have a soft opening Thursday and Sunday from 4-8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 4-9 p.m. at SteelCraft Garden Grove, located on Euclid Street between Garden Grove Boulevard and Acacia Parkway.

There are some fine pizza places in town, but not much to choose from in the downtown area. Merenda is unique.  While the full menu’s not available, what you will be able to get is their funky Roman Style squares – six inches by six inches – in several different style, as well as a “pasta of the day.” Also available will be a full pie in the same varieties as squares.

Merenda is the latest new arrival at the unique outdoor urban eatery, as the restaurant business claws its way back from the edge. Or in this case, the crust.

Double your pleasure, really

You can’t keep a good man or woman down. Sometimes you can’t keep them from wanting to hold public office, or even more than one at a time.

If you look down-ballot at the coming Nov. 3 election, you’ll find some really familiar names.

In the Midway City Sanitary District, for example, running for seats on the board of directors are Chi Charlie Nguyen and Tai Do, who happen to also be members of the Westminster City Council.

There’s also Tyler Diep, a state Assemblyman who lost in the June primary, and who is a former member of the Westminster City Council.

Then, in the Orange County Water District, Division Two, we have former Garden Grove City Councilmember Kris Beard with his hat in the ring, along with Tri Ta, mayor of Westminster.

Seeking a spot on the Municipal Water District of Orange County, Division Three, there’s Mr. Diep again.

Now, to help you sort out the lineups, the Midway City district  – which provides trash service to Westminster – has as its president Chi Charlie Nguyen. Also on the board is Westminster City Councilmember Sergio Contreras (who is running for Orange County Supervisor, First District) and Margie Rice, former long-time Westminster City Council member and mayor.

Why spend money and effort to get on such a low-profile post? Well, most small districts pay a modest per-meeting fee to board members. It’s also a way to be a public servant and have a bit of a public profile, especially if you’re planning on a political comeback or launch a career.

Plus it gives the voter the chance to vote twice for the same candidate and not break the law.

Throwing a fit in the OC

FITNESS EQUIPMENT in Garden Grove Park (OC Tribune photo).

Feeling good? Waist trim? Rippling abs? We knew it, because according to a survey done by BarBend.com, Orange County – and especially us westsiders – has among the fitter folks in the Golden State.

The survey examines access to recreational opportunities, access to fresh fruit and vegetables, low air pollution, low rates of physical inactivity, obesity and smoking. Rated are cities and large towns.

The “Best City For Fit Lifestyles” is Los Altos Hills  (northwest of San Jose) with a score of 92.06. Here’s how our West Orange County cities scored.

  • Huntington Beach: 83.33 (99th).
  • Garden Grove: 82.39 (129th).
  • Westminster: 82.20 (138th).
  • Stanton: 81.94 (151st).

In last place among all California cities is Sonoma in 300th place with a ranking of 78.54. Los Angeles is 209th and Long Beach is 199th.

In Orange County, Santa Ana is 140th and Anaheim is 126th.

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