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Coronavirus package falls short

DEMOCRATS and Republicans in the U.S. Senate can’t agree on a coronavirus relief package (Shutterstock).

A coronavirus rescue package needs a rescue all its own, as Republicans and Democrats are unable to agree on the major points of the plan.  According to the Associated Press, Thursday’s deadlock makes it unlikely that there will be any COVID-19-related financial help from Washington before Election Day.

A bill in the U.S. Senate failed on a 52-47 vote because it was unable to gather the 60 votes needed to defeat a filibuster. All Democrats present voted “no,” along with Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Democrats opposed the bill on the grounds that it was too small and covered too little; some conservative Republicans argued that an earlier version was too big, and the “compromise” version of $650 million failed to attract any bipartisan support.

Campaign 2020: Trump followers stick

A new poll by Reuters/Ispos shows that controversial remarks by President Donald Trump about the military hasn’t hurt support for him among Republicans. The poll showed that while approval of the president has declined slightly overall, there was little change among members of his party. The poll showed that 58 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters said it would have no effect on their support for him. Having more support for him were 18 percent. Fourteen percent said the opposite. Not all the news from the poll was good for the president. It also showed him trailing Democratic candidate Joe Biden by 12 points nationally.

The News:  COVID curse? On to Tokyo, Wall Street falls

A prominent cleric who said that COVID-19 was “God’s punishment “ for same-sex marriage has tested positive for the coronavirus. Patriarch Fileret, 91, is the leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kiev. •  The Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, originally set for 2020, will be held in 2021, according to organizers, “with or without the virus.”  The opening is scheduled for July 23. •  All three major stock indexes dropped sharply on Thursday. The Dow Jones Average fell 405.89 points, while the S&P 500 declined 59.77 points. Down by 221.97 was Nasdaq.

Corona report: 281 new cases in OC

Thursday’s report of coronavirus statistics for Orange County show 281 new cases, along with four deaths. Cases now hospitalized are at 239, with 64 cases in intensive care units. For cities in The Tribune coverage area, Garden Grove has a total of 2,763 cases with 73 deaths. Huntington Beach has 2,285 cases and 69 deaths, Stanton has 622 cases and 12 deaths and Westminster has 953 cases and 24 deaths.

Weather: Smoke gets in our forecast

The wildfires raging up and down the Pacific Coast have become part of our weather patterns here in West Orange County. Some smoke is expected on Friday on warm day, with a high of 86, according to the National Weather Service, with an overnight low of 64. On Saturday, the day will start with fog, giving way to sun and a high of 85. Sunday will be similar, with a high of 89.

Lakers lead the Rockets 3-1

Here’s the lineup of games involving area pro teams. Times are Pacific. Scores are posted as they are available.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 2.
  • Angels 6, Texas Rangers 2. Dylan Bundy struck out 12 batters as the Halos stopped a two-game skid in Arlington. The Angels got offensive fireworks from Jared Walsh, who had a three-run homer in the first inning, and Mike Trout, who hit his 16th dinger of the year, best in Major League Baseball. They are 18-27 and remain in fourth place in the AL West. Texas is 15-28 and in fifth in the ALW.
  • Lakers 110, Houston Rockets 100. Anthony Davis scored 29 points to give LA a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference semifinals series. He also grabbed 29 points and had five assists and 12 rebounds. LeBron scored 16 points and snagged 15 rebound. Russell Westbrook had 25 points for the Rockets. James Harden gathered 21 points for Houston. The next game is on Saturday.





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