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Candidate: DeWayne Normand

THE ORANGE COUNTY TRIBUNE is publishing candidate statements for non-partisan elections in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster (Shutterstock).

My name is DeWayne Allen Normand and as a 47 year resident, former business owner and current Commissioner for our City I am asking for your vote to make our District Safe, Secure, Clean and Prosperous for the next 4 years.  As we all witness each and every day as we go outside, this District has been neglected by current leadership for far too long, Homeless, Trash, High Taxes, Rising utility fees from trash to water, Closed parks, blight, filth, and struggling Businesses have become the normal for us but I don’t accept this fate for our Residents and that is why I am running to be your Councilmember.   I will change the direction of our district and make sure the City staff and leaders listen to your concerns and address every issue from a hole in the wall that’s been there since February, to a 20% rate increase being assessed on all GSWC customers I will make sure your voices are heard and followed.  I am running as a Concerned Stanton Resident, not as a party affiliated member, I support you, the Stanton Residents and Businesses, that’s who I care about and I will work each and every day for this place we all love so much and care about.


My Leadership will promote the following:

  • Stanton Safe measures to address Homeless today and in the future
  • Stanton Pride measures to clean our district and keep it that way
  • Stanton Community measures to improve the relationship between the City leaders, staff, residents and businesses, working together to make Stanton better
  • Stanton Forward measures to bring about positive growth and prosperity for residents and businesses alike
  • Stanton Vision measures to ensure our Stanton works for everyone that lives, works, and cares about our City

As your councilmember I will fix the following:

  1. Homelessness concerns
  2. Blight, Trash, and Filth – The city image, fix, repair and clean the District
  3. Safety – I support our Stanton Sheriffs and OCFA and will continue to work with them to serve our City with continued Respect and Dignity and that these brave men and women have everything they need to do their jobs at all times
  4. Tougher criminal penalties to reduce crimes
  5. Lower Taxes – I will not support any tax increases
  6. Fight against increased fees – I will vote against proposed fee assessments and rate increases from Trash to Water at all times
  7. Support local businesses and bring in new ones – To open in place of closed down buildings found around our City
  8. Create a Dog park and reopen our family friendly  amenities around the district

I am always available to you with your concerns and questions

7821 Davmor Ave., Stanton 90680



Candidates for local non-partisan offices (city council and school board) are invited to submit candidate statements to us at orangecountytribune@gmail.com. Deadline is Friday, Oct. 30.

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