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COVID-19 cases spiking again

CORONAVIRUS cases are surging again across the U.S. (Shutterstock).

A record for the number of new coronavirus cases could be coming soon. According to the Associated Press, the increases is COVID-19 infections is not limited to one area, but are reported in Connecticut and the Upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain region.

On Thursday the U.S. had added 71,000 new cases, the most in nearly three months, according to the Johns Hopkins University’s count. That’s the highest one-day tally since July 24.

United Press International is reporting that the increases may be attributable to colder weather causing people to gather indoors, “pandemic fatigue” that might cause a relaxation of safeguards and college students returning to class.

The New York Times is reporting that virus hospitalizations across the U.S. are up 40 percent over the last month. Reports of new cases have risen 32 percent over the last 14 days, according to the newspaper, and deaths have increased by nine percent.

The News: What? No more Tab cola?

In an effort to reverse declining profits, the Coca Cola company has announced it would be discontinuing its Tab diet cola, a brand that goes back to 1963. Also – perhaps – ripe for cutting are “hydration” drinks such as Dasani, Powerade and Vitamin Water. • Wall Street had mixed results on Friday. The Dow Jones average dropped by 28.09 points, but the S&P 500 (11.90) and Nasdaq (42.28) showed gains. • TV ratings for Thursday’s Biden-Trump debate dropped by 10 million viewers compared to the first debate, according to USA Today. However, that’s still 63 million people who watched. • Who won the debate? Both signs claimed victory. “Instant polls” by CNN and gave the advantage to Biden, but by margins similar to recent polling data, suggesting that few minds were changed.

The Weather: Don’t be surprised by rain

There’s a 20 percent chance of rain in the West Orange County area starting Saturday night and continuing through Sunday night, according to the National Weather Service. Highs will be 71 on Saturday and 69 on Sunday with temps somewhat cooler along the coast.

Sports: Dodgers win, take Series lead

The Los Angeles Dodgers built an early 5-0 lead and held on to win 6-2 Friday night over the Tampa Bay Rays to take a two games to one lead in the 2020 World Series. Justin Turner and Austin Barnes homered for LA, and Max Muncy drove in two runs.  Walker Butler pitched six strong innings, giving up three hits and one run. He struck out 10 batters and walked just one. For Tampa Bay, no batter had more than one hit.  Randy Arozarena homered for TB. Game Four of the Series is set for Saturday, with game time scheduled for 5:08 p.m. Pacific time on Fox.

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