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Joe Biden wins Georgia recount

THE RECOUNT in Georgia showed Joe Biden the winner (Shutterstock),

The manual recount of the Georgia balloting for president turned out the way it was expected: Joe Biden prevailed over Donald Trump, giving the Democrat 16 Electoral College votes to bring his total to 306, which is 36 more than the 270 needed to win the White House. Republican President Donald Trump has 232.

It makes five states “flipped” from the Republican column in 2016 to the Democrats in 2020.

The final result on Thursday showed 2,475,141 votes for the former vice president to 2,462,857 for the incumbent, a margin of 12,284 votes. The recount gave Trump 496 from the initial tally, but that was not enough to change the outcome, according to United Press International.

Other post-election news included the withdrawal of a lawsuit by the Trump campaign that sought to stop the certification of results in Wayne County in Michigan, with contains the Democratic stronghold of Detroit.

To date, all legal action by the Trump campaign to reverse or challenge the announced results of the election in states where the margins have been somewhat close have either been rejected by the courts or withdrawn. Widespread fraud has been alleged, but no such evidence has yet been presented in court.

Although Election Day was Nov. 3, some states are still counting votes. To date, Biden has 79,683,126 votes (51.1 percent) to 73,698,576 (47.2 percent) for Trump. That’s a margin of just under six million votes.

The News: Battle continues against COVID-19

Against a backdrop of surging coronavirus infections and deaths, federal and state officials are making requests and demands. According to the Associated Press, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pleading with Americans to not travel for the Thanksgiving weekend or gather with people not in their household.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced a curfew to start on Saturday requiring people in the Golden State to stay at home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The curfew order runs until Dec. 21, but could be extended if spiking numbers of illness and fatalities persist. In Rhode Island, a “two-week pause” affecting some businesses has been declared; in New Hampshire an order requiring face coverings to be worn in public spaces indoors and outdoors has been issued.

Weather: Winter at night, summer during the day

This forecast is easy. According to the National Weather Service, the West Orange County area should be cold at night – a low of 51 to 48 over the next few days – and pleasantly summery – 71 to 73 – during day. Patchy fog early giving way to sunny skies later in the day.

Sports: Looking at your weekend

Here’s what area football teams have going for this weekend.

  • Los Angeles Rams (6-3) play on Monday Night Football, visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (2-7) will host the New York Jets (0-9) on Sunday
  • UCLA (1-1) will visit Oregon (2-0) on Saturday
  • USC (2-0) will visit Utah (0-0) on Saturday.

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