Now playing for the Rams ….

AARON RODGERS would be warmer in Southern California. He would certainly be hotter than Jared Goff (Wikipedia).

Hey, Aaron! Come to L.A.!

After the Green Bay Packers’ disappointing 31-26 loss on Sunday to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game, Aaron Rodgers made some startling comments about this future plans.

“A lot of guys; futures [here] are uncertain, myself included,” he said, raising eyebrows all around the NFL. Could it be that Rodgers, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, might take a page from Tom Brady’s playbook and look for warmer pastures in his last few seasons?

Now, Rodgers, who is only 37, still has a stretch of good years ahead of him. He will certainly win the league’s MVP honors this year. He’s already won that honor twice – 2011 and 2014.

He will not be a free agent until 2023, but the Green Bay management already had a new QB in mind when they drafted Jordan Love, who spent almost all of the season holding the clipboard on the sidelines.

But a trade … hmmmm. Aaron is a California boy. He attended high school and community college in the northern part of the state. He starred for the Cal Golden Bears. But wait, there’s more. He owns one home in Del Mar – near San Diego – and another one in Los Angeles, where he spends most of the off-season.

The traditions and ambience of Lambeau Field are all very well, but might Aaron be tempted to ask for a trade away from the frozen tundra to his home state where he can perform in the best football venue in the NFL – SoFi Stadium – instead of freezing his fundament off in Wisconsin in December?

A lot of Southern Californians are ready to give up on Jared Goff, the current Ram quarterback.  The Rams have a good offensive line and a great defense.  If Tom Brady can still play at the top of his game at 43, Rodgers could probably add a year of two to his career by staying out of the snow and close to home.

We know it’s a pipe dream, but a nice one. It keeps us from wondering why Aaron didn’t dash for the end zone on third and goal to go against the Buccs.

Of course, it could be because he was just too cold. Not a problem he would have in Inglewood.

Sports Monday is written by Pete Zarustica.




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