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Bird Talk: some high-flying wings


WONDERFUL WINGS and guilt-inducing loaded crinkle fries at Bird Talk (OC Tribune photo).

By Jim and Marilyn Tortolano

You’ve heard – or maybe used the term – “just wing it.” That usually means to improvise quickly or carelessly, the outcome of the finished product remaining somewhat in doubt.

But when it comes to chicken wings, do you really want them churned out haphazardly?

That’s not what you get at Bird Talk, the newest addition to the Garden Grove SteelCraft urban eatery. This purveyor of nearly-perfect poultry sets a new high standard for chicken wings as well with its sandwich combos, sides and specialty items.

The second Bird Talk – the first is in the Palos Verdes area – has elevated the form above what you will get at places like Wingstop and even Buffalo Wild Wings. They don’t need to attract you with blinding speed (or mediocrity) or a dozen big screen TVs to please you.

We started our adventure with a 10-piece combo, which features two flavors, a side dish and dipping sauce. Our choice of flavors was honey butter and garlic parmesan, but there are eight other varieties as well: original (plain), buffalo, mango habanero, lemon pepper, Nashville, BBQ, lemon pepper wet and signature spicy bird sauce.

The wings were moist, tender and absolutely delicious. At $14.95, you get plenty of good chicken indulgence, especially when paired with the diet-busting loaded crinkle fries. You get a generous portion of fried potatoes (some would term them waffle fries) topped with cheese, chopped bacon and green onions. We loved it but couldn’t finish it.

For variety, in addition to the flavors, you can also select among three levels of spiciness. And if wings are not your favorite snack, there’s also mac & cheese, jalapeno poppers, sliders and more. A selection of canned and bottled soft drinks are also available.

You can get more details at . We will be getting more wings there, in person, very soon.

Bird Talk Chicken Garden Grove is located at 12900 Euclid St. #125, just north of Garden Grove Boulevard. The phone number is (657) 296-6063. Hours are 12-8 p.m. daily.



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