OC COVID-19 cases pass 250k

NEW ORANGE COUNTY coronavirus cases increased on Friday (Shutterstock).

As the number of coronavirus cases in Orange County since the pandemic started a year ago passed a quarter of a million, the number of confirmed new cases rose for the second day in a row.

Public health officials caution against putting too much reliance on daily variations in the numbers. However, across the nation the number of new infections are starting to creep up again as states open up, permitting more businesses and schools to approach normal levels of activity.

The New York Times on Friday reported that while deaths across the U.S. due to COVID-19 have dropped by 31 percent, new cases – across a 14-day period – have risen by 4 percent.

Friday’s numbers from the Orange County Health Care Agency show a new cumulative total of 250,095 cases, of which 242,078 are considered recovered. Deaths are at 4,684.

New cases rose from 97 on Thursday to 156 on Friday. Deaths stayed the same at 19, but hospitalizations from coronavirus increased from 167 to 172.

Patients being treated in intensive care units for COVID-19 declined from 35 to 31.

Here is the list of OC cities which the most cases. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 44,512 (818)
  • Anaheim: 41,408 (821)
  • Garden Grove: 16,407 (365)
  • Orange: 11,719 (238)
  • Fullerton: 11,198 (284)
  • Huntington Beach: 10,488 (207)
  • Irvine: 10,346 (80)

Westminster has had 7,064 cases and 190 deaths. Stanton has had 3,141 cases and 64 cases.


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