Huntington Beach

12 arrests at “White Lives” rally

COUNTER-PROTESTERS far outnumbered those from the “White Lives Matter” movement on Sunday in downtown Huntington Beach (OC Tribune photos by Jerry Howard).

UPDATE: The number of people arrested during Sunday’s “White Lives Matter” protest at the Huntington Beach Pier has been upgraded to 12.

According to Lt. Brian Smith of the HBPD, a dozen suspects were arrested for “various charges ranging from Municipal Code violations to fighting in public, and various weapons offenses.”

Police estimate about 500 persons were present, and there were some “small disturbances” and “unruly” conduct by a “large group of participants” that led to the declaration of an unlawful assembly. The crowd then left the area, according to HBPD.


Suppose they gave a protest and the counter-protesters far out numbered those protesting?

SUPPORTERS of former president Donald Trump were on hand.

That was what happened on Sunday in downtown Huntington Beach when an announced “White Lives Matter” rally planned by white supremacists turned out to be a dud.

Counter-protesters, including those from the Black Lives Matter movement, numbered in the hundreds at the pier, and there was a large police presence, including a mounted unit from Anaheim and law enforcement help from the Orange County Sheriff’s and the Seal Beach Police Department.

A handful of “White Lives” adherents showed up, but were a small percentage of people gathered for the announced 1 p.m. event. News of the planned rally had been a source of anxiety among city leaders, fearful that a big rally by neo-Nazis and other white supremacists would underline the city’s image of being a center of extreme right-wing activity.

There were two arrests made, one for using an unauthorized sound amplification device, otherwise known as a bullhorn


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  1. We have lived inHB over 50 years and raised our 4 children here. None of us are racist, we have diversity in our relationships and like our homeowner neighbors none of us want any trouble of this nature in our city. We love HB and support our police and firemen. We want peace, love n harmony. We are all the same.

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