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“Rock Don’t Roll” is on a roll

“THAT ROCK DON’T ROLL” combines mystery, humor, romance and commentary.

By Pete Zarustica

Who says murder, corruption and surgery can’t be sort of fun?

In his first novel, long-time local sportswriter and sportscaster Don Alexander weaves all that together in an entertaining mystery, “That Rock Don’t Roll.”

Drawing on his own experiences and interests, Don has written a fun story  – sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes deadly serious – about the adventures of Blake Brennon, an investigative reporter for a weekly sports magazine.

In the course of several hundred pages, Blake’s adventures include the murder of two cheerleaders, a fair amount of not-too-graphic sex and violence, as well as many cans of Diet Coke.

What makes this book especially appealing to “us” is not just that Blake – and his exploits – are based mostly in Orange County, but also that he uses some names that will be very familiar to anyone who lives or works in Garden Grove, Westminster, etc.

When he is not confronting goons or bedding the bodacious Pet (short for “Petula”), Blake ruminates on some pressing contemporary issues, including whether college athletes should be paid, the plight of print media in an increasingly digital media age, and how best to deal with sudden fame and fortune (and the problems they can bring).

Long-time locals may remember that Don wrote a weekly sports column for the now-deceased Garden Grove Journal, did play-by-play announcing of local sports on cable TV and hosted a sports feature-and-talk show, also on cable TV.

“That Rock Don’t Roll” is published by Archway Publishing. It’s available from the publisher, from and other venues in paperback, hardcover and as a Kindle e-book.

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