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Take a ride on “Dream Horse”

TONI COLETTE stars in “Dream Horse.”

By Jim Tortolano

One of the few – very few – good things that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that it scrambled Hollywood’s game plan of blockbusters and allowed some exposure for good, “small” films.

Certainly on that list of well-done low budget motion pictures is “Dream Horse,” an unlikely story that comes across as an enjoyable blend of “National Velvet” and “Seabiscuit.”

“Dream” is based on the real life story of a small, declining town in Wales, and the people who defy pessimism and odds by forming a “syndicate” to buy a mare to foal a racehorse.

Toni Collette has the lead, playing Jan Vokes, the woman who comes up with what seems like a hare-brained idea. Her enthusiasm brings some friends along on the idea, and her screen appeal draws us in as well.

Damian Lewis, perhaps best known to American audience as Capt. Dick Winters in the celebrated HBO series “Band of Brothers,” is Howard Davies, who is talked into re-entering the world of racing – steeplechasing, actually – one more time. This role allows him to display more emotion than we are used to seeing, and it’s a delight.

Since this is a feel-good film, we’re not going to see “Dream Alliance” – as the horse is named – fail ingloriously, but we still want to cheer when the inevitable happy ending comes around.

Oh, and stay for the credits, they’re worth it. Especially if you are a Tom Jones fan.

“Dream Horse” is rated PG for drinking and some mildly rough language.

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