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Netanyahu is facing ouster

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP with Israeli Prime Minister in Jerusalem in 2017 (U.S. Embassy photo).

After a dozen years as leader of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may soon be out of office.

According to the Associated Press, a coalition of opposition parties have struck a deal to unite and oust Netanyahu, a conservative and a hard-liner in the friction between the Israeli government and Palestinians working for a separate state.

“This government will work for all the citizens of Israel, those who voted for it and those who didn’t. It will do everything to unite Israeli society,” said Yair Lapid.

Under the agreement, Naftali Bennett will serve for two years, and Lapid the next two.

The deal will still have to be approved by the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Unlike the U.S., where the president is elected by popular vote through the Electoral College, control of the position of chief of state lies with the party – or coalition of parties  – with a majority there.

Netanyahu is facing corruption charges and the nation has been challenged by the 11-day war with Hamas and the impact of the coronavirus. His push to expand Israeli settlement areas in the Golan Heights and West Bank was at odds with President Barack Obama’s hopes for a permanent peace in the area, and President Joe Biden is believed to hold similar opinions.

Former President Donald Trump, however, was an ally of Netanyahu and supporter of his policies.

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