Garden Grove

Heist converted into arrests

GARDEN GROVE police seized cutting devices, a car jack and a catalytic converter in arrest on Monday (GGPD photos).

Because of the precious metals used in manufacturing catalytic converters – a key device for reducing engine emissions in automobiles – the business of cutting and stealing such devices can be lucrative to thieves.

SUSPECTS are Ernesto Casa, Celina Romero and Ricardo Sanchez.

However, it didn’t pay off for three persons arrested by Garden Grove police Monday morning. According to the GGPD, officers patrolling in the area of Euclid Street and Garden Grove Boulevard noticed a “suspicious vehicle” matching the description from an earlier call.

A traffic stop was conducted and the occupants of the vehicle detained. A search of the vehicle turned up a catalytic converter, a car jack and cutting tools. They were found under a blanket in the car.

With further investigation, officers found the car from which the device had been removed. Arrested and booked into Orange County Jail were Ernesto Casa, 32, of Lynwood; Celina Romero, 22, of Long Beach, and Ricardo Sanchez, 34, of Paramount.

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  1. Well at least they didn’t resist arrest, and haul tail, like the two fools that crashed through the wall and into that pool on Euclid and Orangewood, and died, with their stolen catalytic converter heisted from a hotel parking lot.

    Maybe working an honest job is a better idea? Idiots.

    • I was wishing they resisted or crashed too and paralyzed the whole of their life or better dead. The two thieves that crashed even killed an innocent in that crashed who is trying to make a living.

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