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An infrastructure deal is stuck


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN speaking on the infrastructure deal (White House).

A bipartisan agreement for a huge infrastructure deal has been struck, President Joe Biden announced on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, the deal will cost $973 billion over five years, or $1.2 trillion over eight years.

The money will go to improve bridges, roads and highways, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, transit systems, broadband access, drinking water systems and “resiliency efforts” to battle climate change problems.

“When we can find common ground, working across party lines, that is what I will seek to do,” said Biden. He called the agreement “a true bipartisan effort, breaking the ice that too often has kept is frozen in place.”

Some of the funding for the bill will come from money appropriated but never spent for coronavirus relief.

But according to The New York Times, Biden will also push for another package of spending and tax increases on the wealthy. Either might require 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to overcome a filibuster there, or could be approved without Republican support through a procedural move called “reconciliation.”

Guiliani stripped of lawyer license

The law license of former New York Mayor and Donald Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani was suspended Thursday by a state appellate court.


According to United Press International, the action was prompted by “demonstrably false and misleading” statements he made about the 2020 elections.

“These false statements were made to improperly bolster respondent’s narrative that due to widespread voter fraud, victory in the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from his client,” the court ruled.

The court also argued that Giuliani’s unsupported claims about alleged election fraud led to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of the former president.

Condo building collapses; 99 feared dead

A 12-story condominium in Florida partially collapsed on Thursday, with at least 99 people believed killed.

USA Today is reporting that the collapse took place in the city of Surfside, near Miami. Thirty-five people were rescued; at least one is confirmed dead.

The oceanside structure was deemed unstable a year ago and has been sinking since the 1990s, according to the newspaper. The land below the building sank by about 2 millimeters a year since 1993, a study indicated.





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