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Virus cases soaring in Florida

WALT DISNEY WORLD in Orlando, Florida (Flickr/Kathika).

The reopening of theme parks in Florida is being followed by a resurgence of coronavirus as Florida broke a grim record in health data posted Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, there were 21,683 confirmed new cases coronavirus cases reported, the highest since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020.

The spike comes in the wake of the reopening of the theme park resorts such as DisneyWorld, and their operators are now asking guests to wear face coverings indoors. Florida has emerged as ground zero of the resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreaks, with the Sunshine State accounting for one-fifth of all new cases across the nation.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday prohibited school districts from mandating that students wear masks when they go back to school in August.

Senate working OT on infrastructure bill

A proposed $1 trillion bill to repair or build roads, rail lines and waterways is keeping the U.S. Senate at work today in a rare Saturday session.

SENATE wing of the U.S Capitol building (Wikipedia).

According to Reuters, the bill – whose final form is not yet completed – has the support of all Democratic senators and 16 Republicans.

“The Senate is going to move forward on both tracks of infrastructure before the beginning of the August recess. The longer it takes to finish, the longer we’ll be here. But we’re going to get the job done,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said.

Next up will be a more controversial $3.5 trillion package that will center on climate change, health and home care.

Tokyo Olympic medal standings

Halfway through the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games (as of 5 p.m. Pacific time), the United States and China are locked on a tie for which nation’s athletes have earned the most medals.

Each nation has 46, but China leads in gold medals with 21.

The overall medal race other than the U.S. and China has the Russian Olympic Committee team next with 37, followed by Japan was 30 and Australia with 27.

In the race for the gold, after China, Japan has 17, the U.S. with 16 and the ROC with 11.

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