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Sub deal angers the French

THE USS KEY WEST is a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine (U.S. Navy).

President Joe Biden’s announcement Wednesday that America would form a new alliance with Great Britain and Australia – and provide nuclear-powered submarines to the latter – has angered the French government.

According to The New York Times, Paris officials were upset that the new arrangement would end a $66 million deal for Australia to buy the submarines from France.

A top French official said the move was a “unilateral, brutal, unpredictable decision.” News reports suggest that U.S. leaders notified France of the new deal just a few hours before the announcement was made.

The American subs would be nuclear-powered, but would not carry nuclear weapons. China has also registered disapproval of the new alliance.

Extra precautions ahead of far-right rally

MANY ARRESTS have been made in the wake of the Jan. 6 riot (Shutterstock).

As a precaution against a possible repetition of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., security fencing has been returned to its position around the seat of Congress.

A “Justice for J6” rally is scheduled on Saturday by far-right activists claiming that those arrested for the storming of the Capitol are not criminals, but political prisoners, according to United Press International.

The sponsoring group, Look Ahead America, is vowing the protest will be peaceful and advised those attending to “be respectful to our security team and law enforcement” and not bring political banners or clothing to the rally.

Sports: Dodgers closing in on Giants

Getting closer and closer …

The National League West race is narrowing as the Dodgers (94-53) have moved to within a game of the division-leading San Francisco Giants (95-52). The Blue Crew is idle today, but after sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks, they are as close as they’ve been for months. They defeated the D-backs 5-3 on Thursday and start a series with the Reds on Friday.

The Angels improved to 72-74 with a 9-3 win over the Chicago White Sox on Thursday following a 3-2 victory on Wednesday. They’ll be home on Friday to start a three-game series with the Oakland Athletics.

Weather: Fall has fallen, for now

Autumnal temperatures have fallen across the West Orange County area and daily highs in the low to mid-70s should prevail through Monday, with mostly sunny skies. In coastal Huntington Beach, daily highs are expected to be four to five degrees cooler.

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