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Drag race tragedy kills two

A RACE TRACK tragedy in Texas led to two deaths and eight injuries Sunday (Shutterstock).

A drag race in Texas turned tragic Sunday when a driver lost control of his car and crashed into spectators, killing two young boys and injuring eight other people.

According to United Press International, the incident took place at the Kerrville Airport Race Wars in central Texas. The vehicle skidded off the runway at Kerrville Aviation and smashed into parked cars from which some spectators were watching the race.

UPI reports that a 6-year-old boy and a 8-year-old boy were pronounced dead at a local hospital. Two of those injured were in critical condition.

“Bomb cyclone” hits Northern California

HEAVY RAIN is hitting Northern California (Shutterstock).

What weather watchers are calling a “bomb cyclone” hit Northern California Sunday, bringing heavy rain, high winds, floods and mudslides.

According to USA Today, the downpour put the streets of San Francisco and Oakland awash in rainwater. High surf is hitting the coast and heavy snow is expected in the Sierra mountains. Up to six feet of snow are forecast.

Also affected is southern Oregon. The rain may offer some relief to areas in both states where wildfires are still burning.

Sports: Tough weekend for LA fans

Saturday saw three major sports programs from the Los Angeles area go down to defeat. As you probably know, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost 4-2 to the Atlanta Braves in the sixth and deciding game of the National League Championship Series.

UCLA’s football team played 10th-ranked Oregon tough but ended up losing 34-31. USC traveled to South Bend, Indiana to play Notre Dame and lost 31-16. The Bruins are now 5-3 and the Trojans 3-4.

The new AP Football Top 25 released today (Sunday) has Georgia (7-0) first, followed by Cincinnati (7-0), Alabama (7-1), Oklahoma (8-0) and Ohio State (6-1).

NFL action today saw the Los Angeles Rams beat the Detroit Lions 28-19. Matthew Stanford threw three TD passes. The Los Angeles Chargers have a bye week.

Weather: Rainy days ARE Mondays, sometimes

If you’re the kind of person who likes a reason to light a fire in the fireplace or don a raincoat, Monday will be your kind of day. The West Orange County area will have a 100 percent chance of rain, with a daytime high of 65 and an overnight low of 51. Sunny weather and warmer temperatures will return on Tuesday with a high of 71 (51 overnight). In the coastal areas of Huntington Beach, conditions will be similar with Tuesday’s high at 69.

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