New cases are trending down

CORONAVIRUS cases in Orange County fell in Tuesday’s count as did deaths, but ICU use was level and hospitalizations ticked up (Shutterstock).

The waves of data on the status of the coronavirus in Orange County continue to show ups and downs of new cases and other categories.

Tuesday’s report from the county health care agency revealed a second consecutive day of decline in new reported cases, followed a modest wave of increases.

The latest daily tally is 151, up from Monday’s three-day average of 256 and Friday’s total of 328. Deaths declined from three to two and hospitalizations ticked up from 186 to 187.

Use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients remained steady at 49.

So far, there have been 311,217 cases in Orange County, of which 299,329 are considered recovered. The death total is 5,666.

At the national level, The New York Times is reporting that new cases are up 27 percent and death down 9 percent over a 14-day period. In California, a decrease of 22 percent in cases and a rise of 41 percent in deaths is reported by Los Angeles Times over a similar period.

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