U.S. dollars will pave the way

STANTON CITY Council on Tuesday approved using federal funds to pave a portion of Cerritos Avenue. (File photo).

By Reagan Cisar

A portion of Cerritos Avenue, between Knott Avenue and Beach Boulevard, will be repaved with federal funds, following a vote of approval by the Stanton City Council Tuesday evening.

According to Public Works Director Joe Ames, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act allocate federal funds to transportation projects. Stanton is expected to receive $200,000, and if funding is awarded in a timely fashion, the project on Cerritos Avenue “might occur in mid-2023 as part of a larger scope of work,” he said.

The council voted unanimously to approve:

  • A resolution granting Stanton’s Public Works Director authority to execute funding agreements necessary to implement federal and/or state-funded transportation projects, per California Department of Transportation requirements.
  • The renewal of authorization for virtual public meetings due to COVID-19.
  • Updates to the Housing Element for the 2021–2029 planning period with a general plan amendment that comprehensively considers potential hazards, including earthquakes, flooding, fire, emergency response, and climate resiliency.

Councilmembers had nothing but praise for Housing Element updates, as Stanton is on track to reach Regional Housing Needs Allocation goals.

“Things are looking up for Stanton,” said Councilmember Carol Warren.

Additionally, the council introduced an ordinance regulating lot splitting under Senate Bill 9.  The ordinance would forbid lot splitting in sensitive, dangerous, or historic locations and impose limits on tree removal.

Furthermore, the ordinance would require lots to be, at minimum, 2,400 square feet to split and call for architecture to match other dwelling(s) on the property, with no direct lines in sight.

Short-term rental, non-residential use, condos, timeshares, and separate-use co-ownerships would be banned under the ordinance. The council will hold a second reading and adoption at the Feb. 22 regularly scheduled meeting.

In addition to agenda items, the Cypress College Foundation gave a presentation regarding the  47th Annual Americana Awards, which will honor Stanton resident Tom Carpenter. The event, which supports Cypress College students, will be held at the Disneyland Hotel on Mar. 26.

The council encouraged members of the public to attend the food drive at Stanton Park on Feb. 26, as well as an open community garden event next to Stanton Park on Mar. 5 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Finally, the council reminded residents to submit their nominations for the 2022 Women of Distinction Awards by Feb. 17.



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