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Texas abortions fall by 60%

ABORTIONS FELL by 60 percent in Texas after a new restrictive law went into effect (Shutterstock).

In the first month after the enactment of a restrictive abortion law in Texas, abortions declined by 60 percent.

The Associated Press reports that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s numbers show almost 2,200 pregnancies terminated in September, compared to over 5,400 in August.

That new law bans abortions once a heartbeat can be detected, typically at around six weeks. No exceptions are made for rape or incest.

A unique aspect of the law is that enforcement is not done by government agencies. Citizens can collect $10,000 or more if they successfully sue anyone who violates the law by performing or assisting a woman to get an abortion after the six-week limit.

Sports: Team USA is heating up

After a slow start, the U.S. Olympic team is starting to rack up the gold at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Nathan Chen placed first in men’s free skate and Chloe Kim took the top prize in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding finals.

The American ice hockey team opened play with an 8-0 win over China. Sean Farrell had five points on three goals and two assists. The USA squad is young, since the NHL decided not to participate in these Olympics, citing concerns over the coronavirus.

So far, the U.S. had won 10 medals, including four golds.

Weather: Winds abate, but not heat

WARM WEATHER continuing.

The gusty winds that knocked over trees and powered brush fires in the Laguna Beach area have faded, but the high temperatures remain. The forecast for the West Orange County area call for a high of 86 degrees on Friday, with an overnight low of 53 under sunny skies.

Saturday with be warmer (89/54) and Sunday less so at 86/53. The heat will start breaking on Monday with a high of 77 under partly cloudy skies.

After that, temperatures will fall into the 60s.

Business: Inflation grew in January

THE COST OF living rose by 7.5 %(Shutterstock).

The cost-of-living, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, grew in January by 7.5 percent compared to one year ago. That’s the fastest monthly increase since February 1982.

According to Fox Business, strong consumer demand as well as snarls in the supply chain helped fuel the rise in prices.

Among those fields with the sharpest increases are energy (up 27 percent), gasoline (40 percent) and used car and truck prices (up 40.5 percent).

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