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Russian invasion into Ukraine now considered to be imminent

AN INVASION of Ukraine by Russian forces is considered “imminent.”(Wikipedia).

Russian troops are expected to enter eastern Ukraine shortly as the crisis between the two nations appears to move toward open warfare.

According to the Associated Press, Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered forces into separatist regions of its neighbor, claiming that those areas have historically been part of Russia. An estimated 150,000 to 190,000 Russian troops are assembled near the border with Ukraine in what Moscow is calling a “training exercise.”

An emergency nighttime meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called and the AP is reporting that the White House will be announcing sanctions on Tuesday.

The New York Times reports that Putin has issued a decree to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” and argued that the U.S-backed North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a threat to the security of Russia.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but Putin has demanded a promise that Russia’s former partner in the Russian-led Soviet Union never be admitted.

Sports: Michigan coach suspended

JUWAN HOWARD (Wikipedia).

After punching a rival coach in the post-game “handshake,” Michigan men’s basketball coach Juwan Howard was suspended for the rest of the regular season, it was reported on Monday.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Howard was also fined $40,000 and two of his players suspended for one game each. The ban on Howard would not extend to conference tournament or NCAA playoff games.

Howard punched Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft in the aftermath of the Badgers’ 77-63 Big Ten victory on Sunday. Also suspended for one game was a Wisconsin player. Badger coach Greg Gard was fined $10,000.

Weather: Ready to go back to 50s?

It’s been chilly, but it will get colder. While the forecast for the West Orange County area for Tuesday is 61 degrees in the daytime (43 overnight), the weatherperson calls for a Wednesday daytime high of 58 (36 overnight).  The thermometer will rebound a bit to a high of 63 on Thursday, 66 on Friday and 72 on Saturday.

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