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Russian invasion slows as the world rallies around Ukraine

PROTESTS against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in London (Flickr/Gary Knight).

Events in the Ukraine-Russian war are moving faster, it seems, than the invaders are in their attempt to conquer their western neighbor.

Reports from the Associated Press, The New York Times, United Press International and other major news agencies tell the following:

  • Belarus, an ally of Russia on border with Ukraine, may join the invasion on Monday
  • Russian forces are facing fierce and effective opposition from Ukrainian military forces and civilian volunteers in the capitol city of Kyiv (Kiev), putting the planned conquest “behind schedule”
  • Australia will send military weapons to Ukraine, following on an earlier pledge to send medical supplies and non-lethal military supplies. Additionally, it will join U.S. and Western European allies in economic sanctions on Russian leaders including President Vladimir Putin
  • Putin announced on television that he had ordered his nation’s nuclear forces on “high alert.” The United States did not respond in kind.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky authorized talks with Russian officials at a site to be decided
  • A rare special session of the United Nations Security Council has been called to address Putin’s remarks about nuclear weapons
  • Demonstrations, some of them as large as 100,000 people, were held over the weekend across the world to protest the invasion, even in Moscow
  • Pope Francis condemned the invasion, accused Russian leaders – without naming them – as people who “place partisan interests and power before all else.”

Sports: Baseball talks nearing deadline

The possibility of the cancellation of the 2022 Major League Baseball season – or at least parts of it – is looming larger as Monday’s deadline nears.

According to Sports Illustrated, talks between owners and the players’ union continued on Sunday, but unless a breakthrough comes on Monday, some early regular season games may be cancelled.

Owners declared a “lockout” for the 2022 season until and unless a new collective bargaining agreement was reached. Sunday’s negotiations were described as “productive,” but no details have been released.

Weather: Warm enough for you?

The West Orange County area will welcome warm days and sunny skies Monday and Tuesday. Monday’s daytime high is forecast to hit 84 with an overtime low of 51.  Tuesday will be identical, with a cooling trend starting on Wednesday when the daytime high dips to 78, then 69 on Thursday with some clouds moving in.

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