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Russians press new attacks

AFTER BEING stymied in the north of Ukraine, Russian forces are pressing east and south (Shutterstock).

The war in Ukraine now turns east and south as Russian forces attempt to batter their way through fierce resistance.

In the strategic port city of Mariupol, its last defenders are holed up in a massive steel plant that they have turned into a fortress. The garrison, which could include thousands of soldiers along with civilians, is being bombarded by naval gunfire, missiles, mortar rounds and bombs, according to The New York Times.

In the east, invading forces have captured the city of Kremmina, according to United Press International. It’s located in the Donbas region where pro-Russian separatists have been waging a guerrilla war for years. is reporting that President Joe Biden will soon announce another military aid package of about $800 million to help Ukraine resist the invasion.

Biden: Mask-wearing is up to you


One day after a Florida federal judge struck down a national mandate for face coverings for passengers on public transit such as airplanes, buses and subways, President Joe Biden expressed a more flexible approach to the issue.

According to The Associated Press, when asked whether he thought Americans should wear masks when on airplanes replied, “That’s up to them.”

Whether the court ruling is upheld, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are suggesting using the face coverings.

Sports: Sunday will be Mike, Cris, Melissa

The broadcasting lineup for NBC’s popular “Sunday Night Football” will include two new but familiar faces.

Al Michaels is retiring from the play-by-play spot, and will be replaced by Mike Tirico. Cris Collingsworth will return as the color commentator, and Melissa Stark will replace Michelle Tafoya, who has left broadcasting.

According to Yahoo Sports, the new team’s debut will be on Aug. 4 with the Hall of Fame game, with their first regular season game on Sept. 8

Weather: Changing from day to day

The skies will take turns being cloudy and sunny for the next few days in the West Orange County area. The forecast calls for mostly sunny conditions on Wednesday, with a daytime high of 68 (overnight low of 54). Partly cloudy skies will emerge on Thursday with a daytime high of 70 (55). There’s a 24 percent chance of rain on Friday as highs dip to 67 (51). A warming trend will emerge on Saturday with sun and a high of 75 (54).

Business: Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers

Shares of Netflix stock fell by more than 25 percent on Tuesday when the company announced its subscriber base has shrunk by 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022

According to CNBC, the company blamed inflation, competition and password sharing for their first drop in paid users in “over a decade.”

The news – when analysts were expecting an increase of 2.5 million – also affected other streaming services. The second quarter may be more brutal with a projected loss of up to 2 million paid subscribers forecast.

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