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More setbacks for Russians

DESTROYED RUSSIAN tank near Mariupol in Ukraine (Wikipedia).

Bad news is piling up for Russia in its efforts to subdue its western neighbor, Ukraine.

According to The New York Times, the European Union is about to impose an embargo on the importation of Russian oil, one of that nation’s most important exports and sources of revenue. A decision is expected next week.

The Times also reports that the invaders are making only minor progress in their effort to conquer the eastern regions of Ukraine. Stymied in their attempt to seize the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, the Russians have turned their attention to areas where there is a substantial Russian-speaking population.

Pentagon officials are reportedly saying that the same problems that vexed the invaders on their failed drive to Kyiv are recurring, citing low morale, supply problems and the effects of powerful weapons funneled into the country by the United States and its allies.

Ex-legislator convicted of rape


An Idaho jury on Friday convicted a former state legislator of raping a legislative intern. Aaron von Ehlinger, 39, would found guilty of a sexual assault alleged to have occurred in March 2021 in his apartment in Boise.

Von Ehlinger, a Republican, denied the charges, claiming the sex was consensual. The trial was briefly interrupted when the woman was accused him testified for just a few minutes, then fled the courtroom, saying, “I can’t do this.”

Sentencing is set for July 28. The maximum sentence is life in state prison.

Sports: Dodgers’ Bauer barred for two years


Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer was hit Friday with a two-year suspension by Major League Baseball because of domestic violence allegations. According to ESPN, Bauer announced he would appeal the penalty and denied violating the MLB policies.

While Bauer has not been criminally prosecuted, three women have come forth and accused him of sexual assault. He was signed by the Dodgers on a three-year contract after winning the National League Cy Young Award in 2020.

Under the terms of his contract, Bauer won’t be paid while on suspension.

Weather: Changing day by day

Our lives change like the weather and the weather can change our lives. The forecast for the West Orange County area for the coming week bounces around. Saturday should see a rise in temperatures to a daytime high of 79 (with an overnight low of 56) under sunny skies. The sun will remain on Sunday, but it should cool down to 73 (58). Partly cloudy conditions will arrive on Monday with a high of 74 (57). It should be a bit cooler on Tuesday to 71 (55) before the sun returns on Wednesday with a high of 77 (58).

Business: Amazon cooling off?

The technology powerhouse that’s rocked the world of retail, Amazon, may be slowing down. According to CNN Business, its stock fell sharply Friday after a disappointing earnings report from the latest quarter.

Revenue grew by 7 percent, which is less than the 9 percent growth of the previous quarter. The company also forecast that the next quarter’s projection is for a decline to 3 to 7 percent as costs rise.

Amazon reported a net loss of $3.8 billion due to the corporation’s investment in Rivian, a new electric automaker.




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