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Some U.S. troops to Ukraine?

MEMBER of a Marine Security Augmentation Unit (USCM photo).

The possibility of basing some U.S. troops in Ukraine was raised Monday during a press conference with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

According to The Associated Press, no combat troops would be based in the war-torn country, but a Marine Corps unit to protect the newly-reopened U.S Embassy in Kyiv is a possibility, and the dispatching of special operations forces may also be considered.

But those choices are a “presidential decision,” said Milley.

Austin did report that almost 40 nations met on Monday and vowed to send more advanced weaponry to Ukraine, including a Danish “harpoon launcher” and missiles to be used to defend Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. New U.S. long range 155mm howitzers are reported to be in action in Ukraine. They are said to have a range of 15 miles or more and accurate to within a 10-meter (32.8 feet) area.

Biden: U.S would defend Taiwan


The United States would defend Taiwan if China attempted to invade and conquer Taiwan by force, President Joe Biden said on Monday.

According to USA Today, there’s a 1979 agreement with the island nation to help maintain its defenses, but does not specify sending troops and other forces.

China claims that Taiwan – officially the Republic of China – is part of its territory. The U.S. agrees, but would resist any attempt to take over by force.

Sports: Dodgers beat Nats, Angels idle

The Los Angeles Dodgers are off to a good start in their series with the Washington Nationals. They defeated the home team 10-0 on Monday to improve their record to 28-13.

Mookie Betts went 2-for-3, with a double, walk, a hit-by-pitch, two runs scored and two RBIs. Freddie Freeman went 3-for-5 with two doubles, two runs scored and two RBIs.

Tyler Anderson (5-0) worked eight innings and yielded five hits and no runs. He struck out eight batters. With the win, the Blue Crew remained atop the National League West by one game over the surging San Diego Padres (27-14) who beat the San Francisco Giants 10-1 for their fourth straight victory.

The Los Angeles Angels are idle today and will start a homestand in the Big A on Tuesday.

Weather: Mid-seventies continue

The West Orange County area will continue to see daytime highs in the mid-70s. Tuesday’s forecast is for a high of 74 and an overnight low of 60, with morning clouds and afternoon sun. Wednesday should be 74 (61) and sunny. Partly cloudy conditions will return on Thursday with a high of 75 (61).

Business: Wall Street bounces back

After a week of plunging stock prices, the bull overcame the bear and investments rebounded on Monday.

The Dow Jones Average rose by 618.34 points to close at 31,880.24. The S&P 500 was up 72.39 (3,973.75) and Nasdaq gained 180.66 points (11,535.27).

Those gains were attributed to some observers to President Joe Biden’s remarks about reducing tariffs on products from China.

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