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Rating diversity as attraction

ANAHEIM, Garden Grove and Huntington Beach are rated among the best cities in the nation to move to for diversity (Shutterstock).

It’s the time of the season for ranking cities and a new ratings system for “diversity” has placed several Orange County cities high on the list of “Best Cities to Move to For Diversity.” is posting its findings based on ethnic/racial diversity, birthplace diversity and economic equality. Over 300 hundred U.S. cities were rated.

Among large cities, Anaheim was rated fourth in the nation. At the top was San Jose. Among mid-size cities, Garden Grove is 16th and Huntington Beach is 32nd.

Considering all cities, Hayward, California is first and Irvine 39th. Orange is 80th, Huntington Beach is 80th, Anaheim 93rd, Fullerton 129th.

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