Garden Grove

“Dead aunt” scam backfires

PLACARD asking for donations to pay the funeral expenses for “Rosalinda.” (GGPD photo).

Preying on the kind hearts of people trying to help others is a “con game” that probably goes back to the Stone Age, and it’s still going on.

However, on Wednesday the Garden Grove Police Department broke up of the newer hustles, panhandling for money for a non-existent funeral.

According to the GGPD, officers were in the area of Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue when they spotted several males holding signs asking for donations to pay the funeral expenses for their aunt whom –they claimed – had recently passed away in Mexico.

However, officers recognized the photo on the poster of “Rosalinda” was an image that had circulated frequently on the internet.

Further questioning prompted the “nephews” to flee in different directions. One was detained by police and was later found to have warrants out of San Bernardino County.

Police caution members of the public to refuse to donate to panhandlers who may be running a scam to take your money.

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  1. I saw the same sign this morning in long beach 6/30/22 at the corner of Del amo blvd and long beach blvs

  2. I see groups of people coming out of their van all time, wearing the same color shirts with same sign begging on each streets corners. They move locations once’s a week. They are all scammers. They work for themselves and look how nice the clothes they have on. Don’t be fool by them!

  3. This is beyond disgusting. Go get a job if you want money. They’re probably too lazy or too stupid to get hired though.

  4. I gave to these guys. I was the last of my money. I am not kidding. I feel so stupid. The reason why I gave is because I am having a very hard financial time myself and the bible says its better to give that to recieve so I gave feeling that they needed it more now to come find out is was a scam! I feel like a fool. I remember askng them what happened how did she die and they said it was a drunk driver!

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