COVID-19 stats are still divided

CORONAVIRUS numbers in Orange County in Friday’s report showed some mixed result (Shutterstock),

Time to bring out the old face mask and hand sanitizer, or stuff them back into the glove compartment?

The latest report from the Orange County Health Care Agency indicates that new coronavirus cases may be  on a slow to-and-fro path to increases, but that contradicts national and state statistics.

Friday’s report – which covers the three-day period from July 26-28 – shows a total of 3,790 cases which averages out to 1,263.3 cases a day. That compares to Tuesday’s report, which shows an average of 1,144 daily cases, and is the highest in two weeks.

Deaths rose from six to eight and the use of intensive case units from 35 to 49. Hospitalizations fell from 341 to 338.

But The New York Times is reporting that – over a 14-day period – new cases are down 2 percent nationally. However, hospitalizations have risen 11 percent and deaths 4 percent.

California’s numbers – as reported by Los Angeles Times over a similar period – show new cases are down 23 percent but deaths up 15 percent.

So far, the county has had 637,013 cases, of which 600,527 have recovered. The death total is 7,203.



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