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Oscar Rodriguez ( HB council)

FIRST IN A SERIES of brief candidate profiles for local office. These are provided as a free public service by The Orange County Tribune and are not endorsements (Shutterstock).

Oscar Rodriguez, 28, resident of Huntington Beach for 25 years. Seeking election to Huntington Beach City Council.

Why do I want to be elected?:

OSCAR RODRIGUEZ, candidate for Huntington Beach City Council.

I am running because I want Huntington Beach to be the best forward-thinking city in Orange County. I grew up in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods and I am thankful for the opportunities that I have received  through various programs. The city has made significant progress in addressing homelessness, mental health, communication and infrastructure upgrades. We must continue to invest in these key areas and that is why this election is important.

Issues facing our city

Homelessness, public safety, mental health, infrastructure.

Public service and positions held

Huntington Beach Planning Commission, South Coast ACMD Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

And also …

I am supported by the OC League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club and Congresswoman Katie Porter. For more information about my campaign, please visit my website at . 

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