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Big numbers of early ballots

LARGE NUMBERS of ballots are being submitted across the nation (Shutterstock).

Voters are casting early ballots for the Nov. 8 general election in record numbers.

According to the Associated Press, 838,000 voters in Georgia have submitted their votes in person at advance voting sites, or returned mail-in ballots.

Big early voting numbers are also being reported in Massachusetts, Vermont and California.

It’s unclear which party or which candidates would benefit. In Georgia, Democrats have urged their voters to turn in ballots early to overcome what they claim is “voter suppression.”

Some Republican leaders have urged their supporters to not submit early ballots as a way of circumventing what they claim is “election fraud.” Many in the GOP hold to the unsupported belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former president Donald Trump by widespread manipulation of the process, especially with electronic voting machines.

New British prime minister chosen

Great Britain has its third prime minister in a few months, and he is Rishi Sunak, a Hindu and the first person of color to rise to that position.

On Monday, members of his Conservative Party chose the 42-year-old  Sunak to lead the government. In Britain, the party with the majority in the House of Commons chooses that nation’s chief executive.

He will replace Liz Truss, who only held that office for a few weeks and who lost support for her proposal for deep tax cuts.

Sports: Phillies vs. Astros in World Series

The 118th World Series of baseball will begin on Friday with the Philadelphia Phillies visiting the Houston Astros.

They’ll play two games (Friday and Saturday) in Houston and resume in Philadelphia on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If needed, the Series will go back to Houston next Friday and Saturday for Games Six and Seven.

Weather: 74, 74, 72, 74

The weather forecast for the West Orange County area is consistent. The National Weather Service is calling for daytime highs at 74 (with one exception at 72) right through Friday. There will be patchy fog from before 11 a.m. and mostly sunny conditions after that. Nighttime lows will range from 56 to 58.

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