How to spend ARPA money

CLOCK TOWER at Westminster Civic Center. (OC Tribune photo).

By Amir Ghani/Orange County Tribune

A revised American Rescue Plan Act funding proposal will be reviewed at Wednesdays Westminster City Council meeting.

Revisions made include less money towards a crime prevention program, more money towards essential worker pay, removal of an emergency operation center refurbishment, which will instead be incorporated into an already existing police upgrade project, the addition of ball field improvements, and a reduction in the use of the BeWell Community Outreach Services Contract.

During the last city council meeting, over two million dollars was reserved from the Act for the upgrade and overhaul of city cybersecurity systems.

If passed, the budget from the ARPA will be amended and increased by $17,348,519. The total given by the federal government was $23.7 million.

This past June, an initial memorandum of understanding was sent to Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, and Westminster, all three cities involved in building the Navigation Center. This memorandum outlined the location, cost, and size of the Navigation Center.

The memorandum also notes that the cities must hire an experienced service provider, who they are now on the lookout for. The experienced service provider will help the cities to operate the Navigation Center in a fair and legal fashion.

With Garden Grove already giving its approval, city staff recommends the council approve the memorandum, opening the door to the next steps in the building of the Navigation Center. Fountain Valley will have its vote on the memorandum on Nov. 1.

The council will meet in its chambers at 8200 Westminster Blvd. at 7 p.m.

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