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U.S. tanks going to Ukraine?

M1 ABRAMS tank (Wikipedia).

The modern M1 Abrams – considered by some to be the best in the world – are on the list of military assistance to be provided to Ukraine in its struggle against Russian invaders.

According to the Associated Press, the Biden administration has moved from its initial reluctance to send tanks in the battlefield because of concern of Russian reaction.

This change is expected to be done in cooperation with Germany, which manufactures the Leopard 2 tank. Poland has offered to send some of its Leopards to Ukraine with Germany’s approval.

There’s been no official announcement or time-line, but the Ukrainian government has asked for main battle tanks to help drive Russian invaders out.

Classified documents at Pence’s home

MIKE PENCE, ex- vice president.

Former vice president Mike Pence’s name has been added to the list of public officials who have been found to have classified government documents in their home or office.

According to The New York Times, aides to the former veep found “a small number of documents which had been “inadvertently boxed and transported to his home.”

Former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have been found to have classified documents at their homes or offices.

Sports: Rolen named to Baseball Hall of Fame


Scott Rolen, a seven-time All Star and winner of the Golden Glove awards for defensive skill, has been voted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In his career with five teams – all in the National League – he had a batting average of .281 with 316 homers and 1,287 RBIs.

He was the 1997 National League Rookie of the Year and hit .421 in the 2006 World Series.

Also in Sports ... The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 133-115 for the Clips’ 10th straight win over their rivals. LeBron James scored 46 points for LAL … The Los Angeles Kings defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in overtime in Philadelphia. Kevin Fiala scored the winning goal in OT.

Weather: Sunny, sunny, sunny

The sun will continue to warm the West Orange County area headed toward the weekend. The forecast for Wednesday is for sunny skies and a daytime high of 72 and a nighttime low of 53. Thursday is also sunny, with a high of 71 and a low of 43. Friday will be sunny but will also be a bit cooler at 67 (44).

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