Tet Parade date before council

2023 TET PARADE (City of Westminster photo).

Deciding on the date for the 2024 Tet Parade, as well as accounting for the cost of a special election and the costs associated with the now-defunct Quang Tri monument project top the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting of the Westminster City Council.

The parade, held in observance of the lunar new year, was organized by the city this year, and planning begins for the next one. The dates being considered are Saturday, Feb. 10, the first day of the lunar new year, and Sunday, Feb. 11, the second day of the lunar new year.

Presented for the council’s consideration are the pros and cons of he two dates, including issues of conflicts with other events, costs, participation, etc.

In a related matter, the council may appoint two of members to the Ad Hoc Committee for parade.

Also on Wednesday night, the council will receive reports on the estimated costs of the Quang Tri Monument Committee, which were placed at $77,143.01. The panel was tasked with planning for the proposed monument celebrating the 1972 retaking of the Quang Tri Citadel by South Vietnamese forces with American assistance during the Vietnam War.

Most of those costs are attributed to staff time.

That project has since been abandoned in the wake of disagreements over the location and content of the proposed project.

Also tallied was the cost of the Measure C ballot measure, placed before voters in 2022 on the issue of whether the office of mayor be should be changed from direct election to being selected from among the five members of the council. The number of council districts would have been  increased from four to five.

Measure C was rejected by voters and the cost was put at $144,237. Most of those costs are from the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

The council will meet in its chambers at 8200 Westminster Blvd. with a closed session at 4 p.m.and the open session at 6 p.m. 

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