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Biden on voting rights issues

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama (White House photo).

Calling on the memories of the civil rights movement, President Joe Biden traveled to Selma, Alabama on Sunday to draw a connection between that bloody confrontation and the struggle to protect voting rights today.

“Selma is a reckoning,” said Biden before a crowd at the Edmund Pettus Bridge where, in 1964, protesters rallying for protections for Black voters were attacked and beaten by police and others.

“The right to vote, to have your vote counted is the threshold of democracy and liberty. With it, anything’s possible,” said Biden. He criticized Supreme Court rulings that rolled back aspects of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. as well as what some today call “voter suppression” laws.

Russia’s three-prong attack on Bakhmut

RUSSIA VS. UKRAINE (Shutterstock).

In an effort to surround Ukrainian troops defending Bakhmut, Russian forces are staging attacks from three directions, the Ukrainian military said on Sunday.

According to The New York Times, 130 Russian attacks were repelled on Saturday in towns near the front. The fighting is in an eastern region of Ukraine, near a Russian-speaking area that the invaders claim is now part of their nation.

Casualties are reported to be heavy on both sides.

Also in the news …  Former president Donald Trump on Sunday attacked former Republican supporters. According to United Press International, he termed them “lunatics and maniacs” in a social media post. “They cannot stand that they do not own me. I don’t need anything about them. We had a Republican Party that was ruled by freaks.”

Sports: Lakers beat Golden State Warriors


The Los Angeles Lakers jumped off to a 15-point first quarter lead and hung on to defeat the Golden State Warriors 113-105 on Sunday.

Anthony Davis put on another all-star performance for the Lakers, scoring 39 points, grabbing eight rebounds and making six assists. With the win, the Lakers are 31-34 and one-half game out of a potential playoff spot in the NBA Western Conference.

Stephen Curry scored 27 points for the Warriors, who are 34-31 and in fifth place in the West.

The Los Angeles Clippers are facing the Memphis Grizzles Sunday night.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Kings defeated the St. Louis Blues, 4-2. and remained tied for first place in the NHL Pacific Division with the Vegas Golden Knights with 80 points.

Weather: Winter weather persists

Spring is only a few weeks away, but winter-is weather is still with us. The forecast for the West Orange County area calls for partly cloudy weather for the next few days. Monday’s daytime high is predicted to be 61 with an overnight low of 44. The chance of rain is 14 percent. 

Tuesday’s temps are expected to be the same, with the chance of rain down to 6 percent. Wednesday will be similar at 62 (45).


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