City council picks planners

CLOCK TOWER at Westminster Civic Center. (OC Tribune photo).

Five persons were appointed to serve on the city planning commission by the Westminster City Council on Wednesday night.

The five were nominated by the mayor and each district’s councilmember and approved 5-0 by the whole council.

They are:

  • District 1 (Amy Phan West): K.C. Wolbert
  • District 2 (Carlos Manzo): Don Anderson
  • District 3: (Kimberly Ho): Jamison Power
  • District 4: (NamQuan Nguyen): Tony Bui
  • Mayor (Chi Charlie Nguyen): Alin Hamade.

Planning commissions make decisions on zoning matters, requests for site plans, planned unit developments, requests for variances, etc. Generally their decisions are final unless appealed to the city council.

Anderson, currently chair of the commission, is the sole “incumbent.” Commission members serve for a two-year term and are paid $80 for each regular or adjourned meeting.

The next meeting of the city council is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 at 6 p.m.

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