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A great new neighborhood restaurant for Garden Grove

AMARITH Table’s asada steak & chimichurri.

By John M. Borack/Special to the Tribune

There is a new eatery in Garden Grove that takes the term “family restaurant” to the next level. It’s called Amarith Table, and it’s located on the site of the former Waterfront Café near Brookhurst and Garden Grove Blvd.

Owner Adam ––who manager Susie Amarith calls the “captain and visionary” of the new neighborhood restaurant –– has lived in Garden Grove with his wife Sana for more than 40 years and raised his family in the city. “He sets and defines ‘The Amarith Way,’” says Susie. “He has instilled in all of us the value of hard work and sincerity in everything we do.”

“All of us” includes several members of the Amarith family: in addition to Adam, Sana and Susie, you can find Linda, Hannah, David and Angel hard at work at the restaurant on most days, either serving customers or working behind the scenes. (Susie is also a longtime educator at the Garden Grove Unified School District.)

HANNAH Amarith (L) and Susie Amarith at Amarith Table’s newest location in Garden Grove.

“We see our restaurants as an extension of some of our family traditions,” Adam explained. “We love cooking and gathering with friends and family over a meal.”

The Garden Grove location is the newest addition to the Amarith restaurant family; there are also locations in Orange and Fountain Valley, with another launching soon in Cypress (at the corner of Knott and Katella). The Garden Grove restaurant, which opened last month, has special meaning for the Amarith family. “We wanted to open a restaurant in our hometown; we have a love for the community and the city,” said Susie.

The menu at Amarith Table is extensive and varied: you’ll find everything from American classics such as gourmet hamburgers and Italian favorites like pizza and spaghetti to Mexican (the shrimp and carne asada burrito is a must), Asian and European-inspired dishes. “We have a broad menu so families can eat what they like,” Susie said. And if you’re in the mood for simply some dessert and perhaps a latte, Amarith is also a pie shoppe: their homemade apple, blueberry and banana cream pies are all delicious. (Your humble scribe has sampled them all.)

Everything at Amarith—from their entrees to their signature desserts— is scratch-made. “Scratch-made means the preparation of the food might take a bit more time and require more labor, but we feel this not only makes the food taste better, but it also helps set us apart from other restaurants,” Susie said.

In addition, the restaurant stands out from the pack by sourcing all-natural ingredients and organic produce. Many of these ingredients come direct from the 80-acre Amarith family farm in Temecula, and there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives used in any of the dishes served at Amarith Table. “We love healthy food, and we know how

important it is to have good, healthy eating,” Susie said. “We promote that and make it available and affordable.” “It’s healthy AND good tasting,” added Adam.

Whether it’s everyday dining, special events or catering, the Amarith family takes great pride in their tasty food and their exemplary and attentive customer service. As Adam Amarith said, “Our goal is to be the community restaurant that brings people together over good food.”

“Amarith Table” is located at 12902 Brookhurst St, #C, Garden Grove. 92840. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (closed on Easter Sunday). Phone: (714) 636-8152. Website: .


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