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Death toll on Maui now at 89

LAHAINA LIGHTHOUSE towers above wreckage on Maui (U.S. Coast Guard photo).

The death toll from the Maui wildfire has reached 89, making it the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in the past 100 years.

Associated Press reported that federal emergency workers assisted by dogs searched the scorched wreckage of Lahaina looking for victims of the blaze.

Authorities expect to find more bodies; only three percent of the disaster zone has been searched, reports The New York Times.

So far, only two of the bodies recovered have been identified.

Poland sends troops to Belarus border

A force of 4,000 troop is being sent to Poland’s border with Belarus, an ally of  Russia.

United Press International reports that Polish defense minister Mariusz Blaszczak made the announcement on Saturday,

He said, “There is no doubt the Polish border is under threat,” accusing Russia of trying to “destabilize” his country.

A total of 10,000 Polish troops will eventually be stationed at that border.

Weather: Nineties are in sight

The thermometer continues to rise for us in our West Orange County. Under partly cloudy skies, Sunday’s daytime high will be 83 with an overnight low of 66. Monday will be slightly warmer at 84 (66), but Tuesday should see a jump to 92 (59) and 91 (59) on Wednesday.

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