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Russian lunar mission fails

LUNA 25 artist’s conception (Shutterstock).

A Russian effort to land a spacecraft on the south pole of the moon ended in failure when it went into an “uncontrolled orbit” and smashed into the surface.

The Associated Press is reporting that Russia’s space agency Roscosmos announced the failure on Sunday. The Luna 25 was planned to make a landing on Monday.

It’s believed that the south pole there could have frozen water and valuable elements. The Russian craft was launched with the hope it would reach the moon before a rival mission from India reached it between Aug. 21 and 23.

The Luna 25 was the first Russian moon mission since 1976 under the old Soviet Union.

Dutch, Danish to send F-16s to Ukraine


Advanced F-16 fighters will be sent to Ukraine by Denmark and the Netherlands, according to Ukraine.

United Press International reports that the two European nations have confirmed they will send the jets “as soon as possible” once the pilots are trained.

Also under consideration is providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft missile systems. Ukraine is in the midst of a counteroffensive to regain territory conquered by Russian troops in 2022.

Sports: Chargers lose to Saints

The Los Angeles Chargers are hosting the New Orleans Saints at SoFi Stadium in a pre-season game today (Sunday). Saints won 22-17 when a late drive on fourth down was stopped by an interception. Chargers are now 1-1 in the pre-season.

Weather: Hurricane Hilary kind to OC

The tropical storm Hurricane Hilary is dumping steady rain across much of Southern California, but our West Orange County area has been spared most of its worst effects. There is some localized flooding, as in Huntington Beach where Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach was closed between Warner and Seapoint in both directions. For the most part the effect on Sunday has been that of a typical summer rainstorm.

The forecast for Monday is for mostly sunny skies with a daytime high of 79 with an overnight low of 66. Tuesday is expected to warm to 84 degrees (66) and partly cloudy. Wednesday will be similar with a high of 83 (67). There will be clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon.

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