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Trump is booked in Atlanta

DONALD TRUMP campaigning during 2020 presidential election, which he claims was stolen from him (Wikipedia)

Former president Donald Trump surrendered to authorities in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday. Trump’s mug shot – sure to make history – shows him scowling at the camera.

According to the Associated Press, the one-time chief executive was quickly booked and photographed in the Atlanta jail and is free on $1 million bond.

He faces multiple charges of making illegal efforts to overturn the results of 2020 Georgia presidential election in an effort to stop Joe Biden from becoming president.

He’s been indicted four times at the state and federal level, the first time a president has ever been charged with a crime.

Prigozhin’s plane likely blown up

The airplane that crashed while carrying mercenary leader Vevgeny Prigozhin likely was brought down not by mechanical failure or pilot error by a bomb planted on the aircraft.

That’s the contention of American and other officials. The plane went down between Moscow and St. Petersburg and all 10 aboard – including Prigozhin, who led a short-lived mutiny against Russian President Vladimir Putin – were killed, reports The New York Times.

In the past, critics or opponents of Putin have met early deaths, by poison or other means.

Sports: Ohtani won’t pitch again in 2023

SHOHEI OHTANI (Angels photo).

Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Angels’ two-way star won’t pitch again this year, and possibly never again for Halos.

Ohtani came out of a game Wednesday with what was originally called “fatigue” but turned out to be a ligament tear in his pitching arm.

The Angels’ woes continued with the news that Mike Trout, just back in the lineup, has been returned to the injured list.

The Los Angeles Dodgers swept a double-header from the Cleveland Guardians on Thursday, winning 6-1 in the first game and 9-3 in the second.

On Friday, they’ll be in Boston to begin a series against the Red Sox.

Weather: Getting hotter and hotter

Make sure your A/C is OK, because warmer days are coming to our West Orange County area. The forecast for Friday is for a daytime high of 84 with an overnight low of 64 under partly cloudy skies. Saturday will see a leap to 87 (64), then an increase to 90 (67) on Sunday. Sunny skies will appear on Monday with a high of 94 (70).


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