Spring View school to be closed


By Daniella Moreau/Orange County Tribune

A middle school will be closed in the Ocean View School District due to declining enrollment, the board of trustees decided on Tuesday.

After months of consideration to potentially repurpose or close up to four campuses, the board voted to consolidate Spring View Middle School with other middle schools and keep the elementary schools open in the 2024-2025 school year. Spring View students will be transferred to other middle schools in the district.

The consolidation of Spring View passed in a vote of 3-2, with trustees Morgan Westmoreland, Jack Souders, and Patricia Singer in favor and trustees Gina Clayton-Tarvin and Norm Westwell opposed. The board unanimously voted to keep Golden View Elementary, Village View Elementary, and Circle View Elementary open.

According to the staff report, consolidating the middle school is projected to be a three-year savings of approximately $2.9 million and save approximately $5.8 million by 2030.

In a discussion about Spring View, Trustee Morgan Westmoreland expressed concern about the low enrollment affecting the students’ experience compared to the other middle schools in the district.

“Are we doing those kids a disservice by having them in a middle school with, possibly next year, 300 kids? I don’t think they’re getting the same experience as our other three middle schools, and I don’t think it’s fair to those kids,” said Westmoreland.

Vice President Gina Clayton-Tarvin raised the question of which middle school each student will be sent to, commenting that those families should be able to choose.

“I think that would be appropriate if this does pass. I think we should give our families the opportunity to decide,” said Clayton-Tarvin.

Staff recommended Golden View Elementary to be consolidated. However, the board unanimously voted to keep it open.

Clerk Jack C. Souders commented on the uniqueness of the school,which has a farm.

“Among all of our schools, it is the most unique school that we have in our district. There is no other school even in Orange County and probably L.A. County, and from what I can see, most of California that is anything like this school, and if you close this school, you are doing a huge disservice to our district,” said Souders.

In a discussion about Circle View, Vice President Gina Clayton-Tarvin commented that the “magic” of Circle View cannot be replicated.

“I think Circle View is a school that is going to carry on,” said Clayton-Tarvin.



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