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Donald Trump takes center stage tonight

DONALD TRUMP will address the Republican National Convention tonight (Trump campaign photo).

DONALD TRUMP will address the Republican National Convention tonight (Trump campaign photo).

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will get center stage Thursday evening for his acceptance speech on the final day of his party’s national convention. The run-up to his speech to the convention and the nation has been clouded by allegations that his wife Melania’s speech was copied in part from an address by Michelle Obama in 2008, and Texas OCT Miidday News BriefsSen. Ted Cruz’ public refusal to endorse Trump. On Thursday he told reporters that he “didn’t make a habit of people who insult my wife and father,” referring to statements made by Trump during the primary season. Cruz was loudly booed, but some observers said that this was the opening of the 2020 presidential campaign, in case Trump loses this year. Trump also made news Thursday in the publication of an interview in which he suggested that, as president, he might not defend NATO allies in case of war.


Roger Ailes, the man who built up Fox News from its start to become a major player on the national political scene, is stepping down as chief executive in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment on his part. The new head of the network will be Rupert Murdoch. Ailes, 76, ran Fox News for years. He built it into the nation’s most-viewed news channel, one which has been known with a staunchly conservative tilt. The trouble began when Gretchen Carlson, a Fox on-air personality, filed a lawsuit on July alleged widespread sexual harassment at Fox and demands for sexual favors from Ailes.

TIM KAINE (Official portrait).

TIM KAINE (Official portrait).


Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is now considered the likely selection to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate as the vice presidential nominee. According to the Associated Press, its sources say that Kaine will be the pick, although no decision has been made. Kain, 58, was the mayor of Richmond and Virginia’s governor before his election to the Senate. Another possible candidate is Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. An announcement could come as soon as Friday, sources say.


Police and other investigators are looking into the shooting in North Miami, Florida of a black man who apparently had his hands raised when shot. Charles Kinsey, who is a caretaker for an autistic patient who was at his side, was lying on the ground with his hands raised. Police were responding to a report of a man with a gun in the area. “As long as I’ve got my hands up, they’re not going to shoot me,” he said in a TV interview from his hospital bed. “This is what I’m thinking. They’re not going to shoot me. Wow, was I wrong.”

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