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Don’t write off write-ins, but ….

IT'S POSSIBLE to run as a write-in candidate for local political office, but not simple

IT’S POSSIBLE to run as a write-in candidate for local political office, but not simple

You might think that in a political race with just one candidate, it’s all over but the balloon drop. As a practical matter, that’s true, but technically it’s not.

In the case of the mayoral race and one city council seat in Garden Grove, there’s just one candidate each, but the possibility of a write-in candidacy exists.

All politics is localAccording to City Clerk Kathy Bailor, anyone wishing to have their votes counted as a write-in must – during the period of Sept. 12 to Oct. 25 – be vetted as a qualified nominee, including proof of residence, a list of bona fide registered voters on a nomination petition, etc.

If the write-in hopeful accomplishes all that, he or she would face the prospect of getting voters in insert his or her name on election day in a system that is completely computerized. Therefore, any voter wishing to write-in a candidate would have to request at the polling place a paper written ballot.

So, while it’s possible to inject a little drama into those two otherwise almost-done races, it’s probably unlikely that almost-Mayor Steve Jones and Almost-Councilman John O’Neill (Second District) have much to worry about.


Garden Grove Third District City Council candidate Clay Bock will be at an open house event on Sunday from 2-7 p.m. at 12381 Meade St. in Garden Grove. There will be a chance to meet with the candidate, and eat some southern barbecue food.

Bock is one of two candidate seeking the district representing the west central part of the city. His opponent is Thu-Ha Nguyen.


Rickk Montoya, a candidate for the Sixth District seat on the Garden Grove City Council, has been endorsed by the Orange County Labor Federation, which represents over 200,000 union members in 90 locals in the county. The Sixth District is located in an eastern area of Garden Grove. His opponent is

Also endorsed by the OCLF is Demian Garcia-Monroy, who is running in the adjacent Fifth District. His opponent is Stephanie Klopfenstein.

Candidates: Do you have an endorsement or event you’d like to publicize? Send your information to us at orangecountytribune@gmail.com .

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  1. Bock is a die-hard Scientologist, and part of CCHR’s rabid anti-psychiatry campaigns. He will always put his ‘religion’ before the good of Garden Grove.

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